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Healthy habits day 5 – eat whole foods

There’s nothing like eating foods that give you great energy and nourish your body (cells, bones, blood, skin, eyes, teeth, hair, brain). I believe the only way to get the best nourishment possible is through whole natural foods.

What are whole foods? You find whole foods in plant-based sources such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts as well as free range eggs, poultry, fish and grass fed beef. My definition of a whole food is one that IS NOT PROCESSED at a factory but rather in it’s natural state (with the exception of meats and poultry).

Whole food is unprocessed, pure and simple right from the source.  

A good rule of thumb when purchasing whole food at a market is buying food that is not packaged, boxed, bagged, or in a can.

healthy_food_wallpaper_22_wide_wallpaperSome examples:

  • Nuts / seeds
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Fresh fish and meat from the butcher
  • Oats and barley

Practice eating whole foods as a majority of your food source everyday. When you become conscious of eating this way you find more whole food sources, learn how to make interesting whole food recipes and begin to feel better with more energy, clear thinking. You will also see a big change in your skin, eyes, hair, and nails because each of these areas is getting a rich supply of vitamins and nutrients.

The old saying “you are what you eat” really holds true.  Unknown

Eating food from sources that have never been alive and received earths rich blessing of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals leaves you empty and your body and mind sick.

Eating from whole food sources filled with the good earths nutrients, vitamins,  and minerals leaves you ALIVE and able to live life to the fullest.

CLICK HERE to read an interesting article posted in the late Dr. Weil’s blog on How to Eat in Seven Words.

Have a blessed day everyone and make a conscious effort to learn about whole foods and begin eating more of them everyday! I guarantee you will begin feeling and looking much different. large

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