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Healthy habit Day 4 – eat at home

My recent fact-finding expedition has led to some alarming numbers. in 1900, 2 percent of meals were eaten outside the home and by 2010 50% were eating away from the home with 1 in 5 breakfasts from MacDonald’s.

Did you know today most meals also last less than 20 minutes and are consumed while watching television or worse yet driving in the car?

It’s no surprise that in my research I found statistics proving children who were given regular meals at home with their parents do better in every way from grades to healthier relationships to staying out of trouble. They are 42% less likely to drink and 50% less likely to smoke and 66% less likely to smoke marijuana. There are quit alarming numbers!

All too often we say there’s no time to cook but I challenge how much time is spent in front of the TV?

Everyone has their own preferences and lifestyles but I believe one of the most powerful tools we have in our medicine cabinet is the tool of cooking healthy nutrient rich meals for us and our families!

I make cooking and food preparing a priority in my home on Saturdays after my trip to the farmers market. My food prepping takes no more than a few hours and provides my husband and I delicious meals, snacks, and deserts the whole week!

Here are some Tips for Food Prepping:
  1. Make it fun and productive at the same time (I have my iPad or phone in the kitchen and turn on a show or a podcast that I have wanted to listen too but never had the time)
  2. Think ahead (Find 2-3 healthy main meals that are nutritious, select 3-5 healthy snack options, and 1-2 types of desserts) Do this in advance of your prepping and have all your ingredients and recipes ready to go.
  3. Invest in good tools (There are 3 kitchen tools I don’t think I could live without; Food processor, Nutri Bullet, and my Pressure Cooker) These tools make everything fast while keeping all the good nutrients in the food
  4. Make time (set aside 2-3 hours on a given day to do the prepping, it becomes second nature after just a few weeks)
  5. Simplify your work – I don’t peel….  Most things people peel have all the good nutrients and vitamins but what I do well is wash skins….  This saves me tons of time with food prepping as well as provides me the MOST nutrients possible

Food is precious. We should treat it that way. I believe the most important and powerful tool we have to change our health is right in our kitchens and with our forks!!!! So make it simple and plan ahead – Eat at Home!

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Here’s a Link to some of my favorite recipes: CLICK HERE

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