Random Thoughts

Who needs cable TV?

Goodbye Time WarnerGood Bye Time Warner Cable! I found this great logo on google that states “the power of you” and I am exercising that power. Steve and I disconnected from Time Warner and were not looking back. We watch only a few shoes on TV so decided we no longer needed to pay $149 a month for a few stations. Instead we signed up for Hulu and Netflix and now have a lot of new options available.

Change is a good thing as we will be forced to learn more about our internet TV like mirroring directly from our smartphones or iPads, accessing the internet via TV, and many more features I’m sure. I said to Steve “honey, were going to become experts on how to watch and use an interest TV WITHOUT the cable company”. I’m not sure he was too happy or excited about this statement. My parting remarks? Stay Tuned!

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